Design, manufacturing and assembly: France
Parts origin: > 85 % France

French manufacturer
of professional
electric vehicles


Two product ranges for intensive professional use

electric trailers for cyclo-logistics

Heavy-duty electric trailers for cyclo-logistics Robust and versatile electrically assisted trailers, to transport up to 350 kilos of load in all urban areas, by bike or by hand, without any effort.

Electric handling forklifts
without CACES

The new indispensable tool for building sites recommended by the Ile-de-France Regional Health Insurance Fund (CRAMIF). Anti- MSD, ultra-maneuverable, ultra-compact and can be used by everyone for handling up to 500 kilos.

technologie kaptor

A unique and globally patented technology.

Thanks to a system allowing the motor control by effort measurement, our trailers and carts can be manipulated by anyone, without effort and without training.

Discover our technology

Over 130 pro customers.

Watch a video of how and why our customers use our intelligent electric vehicles. Biowaste collection, refrigerated delivery, food or material transport, parcel delivery for trailers. Handling in the folding phase, linear work, transport of breeze blocks, scaffolding, props, asphalt spreading, etc.
  • Stuart
    Dans le centre de Paris, en vélo cargo électrique nos livreurs sont deux fois plus rapides qu’en van lire +
  • Plateforme du Bâtiment
    La Plateforme du Bâtiment a responsabilisé sa logistique sans faire l’impasse sur ses besoins lire +
  • Kiloutou
    K-Ryole nous amène de plus à proposer de nouvelles solutions répondant aux enjeux de mobilité zéro carbone lire +
  • Monoprix
    En utilisant la remorque K-Ryole, le magasin responsabilise sa livraison, développe une dynamique innovante ancrée lire +
  • Mr. Bricolage
    Nous sommes dans un quartier écologique et responsable. Nous ne voulions pas livrer en camion lire +
  • Oui compost
    Après plusieurs mois de circulation dans Lyon, elle est devenue un vecteur de communication, voire d’interpellation lire +
  • Youngo
    Ma force aujourd’hui, c’est de transporter ces marchandises en divisant le temps de livraison par deux lire +
  • VINCI Construction
    Avec votre chariot de manutention, on peut en charger une quinzaine et il n'y a pas d'effort en l'utilisant. lire +
  • DOTT
    Le transport de charge d’une flotte de 5 trottinettes de 22 kg lire +
  • Biocoop
    Biocoop réduit le temps et l'impact environnemental des livraisons lire +
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Our maintenance workshop

Our maintenance workshops are located throughout France and the Benelux. Our experts can therefore intervene anywhere and quickly if necessary.


Our service coverage is being extended to Europe and to several other regions of the world (New York, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, etc.)

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Manufactured and assembled in our french factory


assembly lines co-designed with Renault


m² of factory's surface area in France


weeks delay for standard delivery


capacity of machine produced per year

A truly french and ethic production


of parts used for building our products are from france


of our product parts are designed by our engineers


of our suppliers are french company

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