Are you a logistician who wants to replace your fleet of light commercial vehicles because they no longer meet your needs for the last kilometre?

At K-Ryole we have designed intelligent electric trailers specifically for this type of activity.


Our solution: a vehicle with a large carrying capacity (350 kg without any effort), to replace LCVs while enjoying the benefits of cycling in downtown areas. Don’t worry about traffic jams or wasting time parking. You don’t need fuel, or a driving licence, and you don’t have to pay parking tickets.


Our electric trailers for professionals can travel on all public roads (cycle paths, bus lanes, pedestrian lanes, etc.) and can be parked anywhere, even to the last few metres, due to the pedestrian mode that can be used without a bicycle.

« By using K-Ryole, we are making progress on our sustainability journey. We are winning in terms of productivity as well as speed. In other words, we are combining a response to both customer and operational needs. »

Stéphane Mortesagne, Director of Operations, Pickup Logistics

The utility model of our K-Ryole smart trailers is locked with a badge system to help secure your load. The RFID badge system is also useful for protecting your vehicle against theft. Its reinforced aluminium walls resist a ton of tearing, protecting your load from impact or theft.

The K-Ryole utility trailer can be fitted with a wide range of options for carrying your load, including crocodile boxes, parcels, fresh produce and tools. The double rear doors and the side door provide practical access to the load, just like on a utility vehicle.


Finally, a roof rack allows you to transport any item that is too long/wide to fit in the trailer.

« My K-Ryoles can use the cycle paths which are completely free-flowing and are becoming more and more developed, which four-wheel vehicles cannot achieve, whether they are thermal or electric. My strength today is to transport these goods while dividing the delivery time by two. »

Dimitri Clairet, founder of YOUNGO PARIS