Design, manufacturing and assembly: France
Parts origin: > 85 % France

handling phases


With electric vehicles without a Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving (CACES)


Handling is expensive
in terms of time and people

Without suitable tools, handling involves health risks for employees: accidents (falling loads, sprains, etc.), muscular and/or joint pain, lumbago, sciatica, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), fatigue, etc…

The use of the standard mechanical handling methods (forklift trucks, cranes, overhead cranes, etc.) is not always possible due to traffic difficulties, not holding a Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving (CACES), and thermal vehicles that are too noisy and/or polluting, etc.

Suppress MSD and arduousness with a tool that can be used by everyone,
even in hard-to-reach areas.

Manoeuvrable | All-terrain
Anti-MSD | Safety
Intuitive | Without CACES
Noise-free and pollution-free

K-Ryole electric Trolleys

Starting from 349€ht / month
Maintenance contract included

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Watch a video to see how and why our customers use their Kross Builder electric forklifts. Handling in the folding phase, linear work, transport of breeze blocks, scaffolding, props, asphalt spreading, intra-site logistics or formwork phase, etc.
  • Kiloutou
    K-Ryole nous amène de plus à proposer de nouvelles solutions répondant aux enjeux de mobilité zéro carbone lire +
  • VINCI Construction
    Avec votre chariot de manutention, on peut en charger une quinzaine et il n'y a pas d'effort en l'utilisant. lire +
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Our maintenance workshop

Our maintenance workshops are located throughout France and the Benelux. Our experts can therefore intervene anywhere and quickly if necessary.


Our service coverage is being extended to Europe and to several other regions of the world (New York, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, etc.)

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Manufactured and assembled in our french factory

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assembly lines co-designed with Renault


m² of factory's surface area in France


weeks delay for standard delivery


capacity of machine produced per year

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