Public works

Many sites rely on manual handling because of site accessibility, the risk of nuisance to neighbours or the lack of skilled workers to use specific machinery.

Unfortunately, manual handling is the cause of a third of the accidents reported in the public works sector. There is a lack of tools for the various applications of public works, such as asphalt, kerbstones, sewerage or dry networks. For example, the use of wheelbarrows on asphalt worksites is time-consuming and painful for operators. They are subjected to excessive, asymmetric, sudden and cumulative efforts. These efforts lead to vertebral stresses and bruises in the long run.

A tool eligible for subsidies from CARSAT & CRAMIF

The Kross Builder reduces physical constraints (manual handling of loads, awkward postures and mechanical vibrations), environmental constraints (noise) and those due to the work rhythm (repetitive movements). It is one of the tools recommended by public works safety organisations.

Unlike most machines, the Kross Builder does not require a CACES (Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving). The Kross Builder’s force-cancelling technology allows it to handle heavy loads on uneven terrain without any training.

There are no triggers or complex control panels. This technology allows the Kross Builder to be used intuitively. Simply push or pull the handle to operate the truck. The motors react instantly to cancel out its weight and that of its load. It significantly assists site managers: allowing them to rotate teams without prior coaching.

Omexom : " Nous avons de suite identifié le potentiel de la machine et la baisse de pénibilité qu’elle apportait. "

« We met the Kross Builder company and its product through a health and safety competition organised at Vinci. On this occasion, we immediately identified the potential of their machine and the reduction in task arduousness that it could generate in our teams. The contact was simple and efficient and, after a very successful test period, we bought our first trolley. We are now in the process of ordering two more as the field teams use them on a daily basis. The product is easy to use, robust and very easy to move from site to site.

We are therefore very pleased with our collaboration with the Kross Builder company and hope to continue working with them to adapt the product specifically for our activities. » – Jean-Marc SANCHEZ, company manager, Omexom ENR Sud-Ouest – Société Barde Sud-Ouest