Manufactured and assembled in our french factory


assembly lines co-designed with Renault


m² of factory's surface area in France


weeks delay for standard delivery


capacity of machine produced per year

Ethical production

Supporting the French industrial fabric

Reduce our carbon impact

Supporting the national economy

French know-how

Benefit from French know-how

Better control of the supply chain

Being close to our subcontractors

From the design office in Paris to production in our 4500 m² factory in Lot-et-Garonne

All our machines are assembled in our factory in Lot-et-Garonne by our assembly team. Our three assembly lines, co-designed with Renault, allow us to produce up to 5000 machines per year.

K-Ryole vehicles are manufactured by assembling sub-assemblies. This modular assembly method guarantees a delivery time of 6 weeks.

K-Ryole electric vehicles undergo several stages before their final release to guarantee the reliability of our machines:


Our design office works on product design or redesign. Engineers use simulation to study the risks of breakage, maneuverability and correct functioning of the machine.

A prototype is then assembled in the factory to continue the physical tests. At the same time, the automation engineers test the software on the new vehicle and adapt the code to improve the experience.


A pre-production run is then produced based on the final prototype. This selection of machines is sent to our test customers for a real field crash test. The intensive use in real conditions by our testers allows for possible improvements before the final production version.

These first two stages are repeated as many times as necessary to obtain a first version that is deemed operational.


Once the machine meets our quality requirements, the development phase is completed and the product goes into production.

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