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This is an efficient and flexible vehicle designed to facilitate the transport of large loads
The most powerful solution on the market
350 kg
of payload without any effort
< 100 cm
Move around the city
100% compatible
It can be used by hand or with any bike
Extendable battery life
Rackable batteries for extended battery life

A versatile module for your rounds

Our professional electric Pick-Up trailer has been designed to fit into any urban space while maintaining a large load volume. Gantries are integrated to facilitate the transport of high and/or large items. Gantries are integrated to facilitate the transport of high and/or long items. The integrated racks can also allow this model to accommodate an additional structure, depending on your needs. As with all our vehicles, the Pick-Up is authorised for use on cycle paths and pedestrian routes.

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Large carrying capacity
Robust | For the pros
Powerful and manoeuvrable

Use cases

Watch a video of our customers using K-Ryole Pick-Up. Maintenance is in the center, logistics or home delivery, etc. Professionals from all sectors are equipping themselves with electric trailers for their activities in urban areas.

Your complementary options

Pair of modular gantries

Metal gantries, for secure transportation of props, boards, fences, etc.

Module painting

Full painting of your module in the RAL (paint) colour of your choice.


Covering your vehicle with high resistance stickers.

Graphic Design

We support the creation of your visual from the elements of your charter.

Technical specifications




Hand / Bicycle


2 years


For all bikes: standard, electric (except those with battery behind the seat), cargo, two-wheeler, tilting bike


2 x 1500 W electric DC wheel motors


Kaptor© Force cancellation technology


220 x 94 x 110 cm

Empty vehicle weight

150 kg


Up to 350 kg


Lithium 1,6 kWh rackable

Charging time

4 h on 220 V mains


+/- 30-40 km

Anti-theft device

Motor and doors lock (RFID)

Speed limit

7 km/h by hand | 25 km/h by bike


Position, brakes and reverse lights

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Pick-Up datasheet

Local and ethic production

All our vehicles are designed, manufactured & assembled in our factory in France.
We favor suppliers from our neighboring regions, thus benefiting from an ethical, qualified expertise and an efficient collaboration.

A maintenance service for pros

Hotline assistance | Repair within 72 hours

Preventive maintenance
Curative maintenance
Breakdown service & support
Preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring program for your machines
  • all upgrades remain compatible
  • No obsolescence : your machines can always be repaired
Curative maintenance
  • Hotline assistance | Repair within 2 hours
  • Provision of a courtesy vehicle within 24 hours
  • Repair of your machine within 72 hours
Breakdown service & support
  • Courtesy vehicles provided in case of accident
  • Direct support line between our technicians and your users

More than 800

Vehicles in use

In France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, England, Netherlands

2 000 000

kilometers travelled

By our users in 2021

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