Many construction sites rely on manual handling for accessibility purposes, because of the risk of nuisance to the neighbourhood or because of a lack of qualified workers to use specific machinery.

Unfortunately, handling is the cause of a third of the accidents reported in the construction sector. It must be acknowledged that there is a lack of tools in line with the varied applications of building sites, such as formwork phases, transporting props, moving equipment frequently indoors or in areas that are difficult to access.


Even if the direct costs of MSDs for employers are known (100 and 500 euros per year and per employee), it is the indirect costs that are the most expensive.

First of all, absenteeism: this occurs as a result of lack of motivation, often due to redundant heavy handling.

Secondly, medical leave of absence: this can be up to a year for a pathology due to heavy handling.

The Kross Builder electric trolley, a tool for mechanising horizontal handling

The Kross Builder can pull several hundred kilos without any sensation of heaviness, thus avoiding the efforts that cause many handling problems.

It goes with the operators to the last meter, where other machines cannot reach (crane rings, compact dimensions, all-terrain tyres).

Its 80° inclination makes it easier to grip loads and drastically reduces bad back postures (lumbosciatic) as well as the progressive ageing of osteoarticular structures leading to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

The Kross Builder is a response to the twofold problem of the construction industry: relieving the worker’s effort and maintaining maximum productivity.

• Suppress work-related injuries, MSDs and manual handling arduousness

• With a compact, all-purpose machine

• It can be used intuitively by anyone
• Nuisance-free for your employees and the neighbourhood

KB500 Trolley for buildings

Handling trolley (with jack) equipped with a basket for the transportation of props and formwork frames.

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