The K-Ryole is appreciated by everyone: the delivery drivers, the shop and even other Monoprix shops that use the K-Ryole for their logistics...

Samy Kchok Director of Logistics Organisation, Monoprix Group

With K-Ryole, Monoprix Auriol shop (Paris) responds to a call for the project “urban innovation neighbourhoods” from the City of Paris.

By using the K-Ryole trailer, the shop takes responsibility for its deliveries, develops an innovative dynamic anchored in the neighbourhood and brings a sense of pride to the delivery staff.


The objectives of using K-Ryole are as follows:

  • Supporting delivery drivers: any delivery driver can pull 250kg of load, on any bike, without any sensation of effort thanks to the globally patented K-Ryole technology.
  • Keep the promise to the customer: delivery within 2 hours of purchase.
  • Connect teams and customers: pride of delivery staff and customer loyalty through the tool.