La Plateforme Du Bâtiment (Construction Platform)

Thanks to the advantages of bike logistics, such as the rapid pace of travel in the city, La Plateforme Du Bâtiment (The Construction Platform) is keeping its customer promise: to deliver to professionals in less than two hours. Finally, electric trailers are much more economical than vehicles (expensive in terms of petrol, parking, and environmental impact).

La Plateforme Du Bâtiment

La Plateforme Du Bâtiment is a collection of building material shops for professionals. This brand is a reference for construction companies..


Each order is assigned to the shop closest to the professional’s delivery location. In town, La Plateforme Du Bâtiment provides two-hour delivery.

Previously, La Plateforme Du Bâtiment relied solely on trucks to carry out its urban logistics. No other transport tool was able to deliver heavy and imposing loads.


By replacing part of its truck fleet with 6 K-Ryoles, La Plateforme Du Bâtiment has empowered its logistics without compromising its needs:

  • Load substantial equipment: water heater, toilets, wooden cleats, bags of cement, tools…
  • Handling heavy loads: K-Ryole delivers all packages, up to 250 kg
  • Delivering in a large urban area: intramural Paris and the inner suburbs
  • Take advantage of a green, economical and practical logistics tool: gain in speed thanks to bike-mobility