Thanks, and congratulations @K_Ryole for these beautiful electric trailers! Very useful for our Parisian patrols: repositioning of badly parked trailers, quality control, removal of reported trailers.

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Dott France, Paris, K-Ryole Pickup

The electric scooter rental industry faces two issues: vandalism and high maintenance costs.

Dott therefore wanted to make its logistics responsible while cutting costs. Dott hired five bicycle delivery drivers to deliver its machines around the city. The trailers travel around the city 8 hours a day and average 40 kilometres.


The innovation team therefore specially designed a product for their application: carrying the load of a fleet of five 22 kg scooters with:

  • A sliding rear door allows the equipment to slide into the cargo box
  • Five rails secure the scooters
  • A gantry and safety catches ensure the safety of the scooters and their drivers


In 2020, Dott converted to using electric trailers. They now provide the logistics for a key element of the business: the transport of batteries. The handling of scooters is common. The batteries are heavy and cumbersome items to move to the repair shops. Dott called on K-Ryole to create a new module tailored to their transport needs… While keeping the powerful rolling base of the 2019 edition!