Biocoop, K-Ryole Utility Dry and cold

The French chain of organic shops Biocoop wanted, in addition to offering quality and environmentally friendly food, to provide a responsible service.

The first two shops to deliver with an intelligent, refrigerated electric trailer are Biocoop “Le petit Gallieni” in Boulogne Billancourt and Biocoop “Bio en Artois” in Arras.


Benefits noted by shop managers, delivery personnel, and customers:

  • A sustainable means of transport: an eco-friendly delivery
  • No human hardship: an electric assistance to pull 250 kg, without effort
  • Maintain the storage cold: a refrigeration module
  • A unique and memorable means of communication
  • No dependency to a bicycle typology: the trailer can be attached to classic, electric and even public bikes!
  • More capacity than other bike-logistics tools, such as three-wheelers: large standardised carrying capacity for large delivery pallets