The trailer is essential to improve the quality and efficiency of our rounds. Some rounds can represent between 180 kg and 200 kg of bio-waste. After several months on the road in Lyon, it has become a vector of communication and of public awareness!

Benjamin Salel Technical Director, OuiCompost

Annie, Marc, Alexandre, Térence and Benjamin are 4 partners. In Lyon, they started OuiCompost: a responsible company that recovers food waste to create natural compost. To make their value chain ethical from collection to production, the partners decided to make their tours by bike and K-Ryole trailer.


Interview with Benjamin, technical developer of the StartUp


What is a typical day at OuiCompost?


1. Collecting bio-waste from food professionals

  • Loading the trailer with clean buckets
  • Cycling around Lyon’s various neighbourhoods
  • For each customer, collect the buckets filled with bio-waste and replace them with clean buckets

“The average weight carried per round is 150kg of bio-waste!”


2. Composting

  • Management of the mechanical composter
  • Management of the ripening bins
  • Turning, stirring of bins
  • Screening of the mature compost

“Once all the collection is done from all the customers, I head to the composting site, where the bio-waste is sorted, shredded, mixed, and inserted into our electromechanical composter.”


3. Participate in the development of the OuiCompost project

“Annie is a master composter, she is in charge of the quality and hygiene of the compost. Marc is responsible for external relations and business development. Terence is in charge of marketing and selling the compost. Finally, I am in charge of the technical and logistical development of the company.”



What factors and options of the electric trailer influenced your purchase?


1. The cargo capacity related to the possible payload

“K-Ryole is more powerful than most electric trailers. Thanks to its electric power and technology, it is fully assisted. Knowing that it requires no force to start, run or stop, we can tow several hundred kilos, without any feeling of weight.”


2. The possibility of using several bikes without prior installation

“Having more than one type of bike is not a problem with the trailer: we can switch from a conventional bike to an electric bike in a few steps.”


3. The complete design of the tool, whose visibility allows for strong communication

The trailer is a good vector of communication and of public awareness!”