Waste collection

K-Ryole’s electric trailers are currently used by several companies such as Cocyval, Ouicompost, UpCycle or Bicycompost to collect waste in urban and rural areas.

The specific needs of each of these companies have led them to choose several of our products:

Using the Kustom model to create a trailer specifically designed to transport rubbish in urban areas.

« The K-Ryole UpCycle effortlessly carries four 120-litre skips on its sides, and bio buckets, cleaning materials or compost on the middle platform. » UpCycle

Bicycompost and OuiCompost have chosen the utility model for their waste collection.

« The trailer is essential to improve the quality and efficiency of our rounds. Some rounds can represent between 180 kg and 200 kg of biowaste. After several months on the road in Lyon, it has become a vehicle for communication, and even a way of calling out! »

Benjamin Salel, Technical Director, OuiCompost

Using the Pick-Up model for rural and urban biowaste collection:

Entrepreneur Gervais Legras uses the trailer for biowaste collection within the city of Blois, an urban practice that will soon be mandatory.

There are many stakes involved such as:

Having a very powerful electric trailer: delivery tricycles, for example, are limited tools that do not allow them to drive on the hilly roads of Blois
Having enough autonomy to drive 170 km per week: 3 rounds of 10 km per day, 6 days per week!
Promoting bike use in town: the days of the polluting truck/LCV in town are over!

« I transport 2,5 tons of biowaste per week! I wouldn’t have been able to develop my business if I hadn’t had a K-Ryole electric trailer […] My town, Blois, is very hilly. I could work like this, one or two days, but not six days a week, all year round. »