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Trade in your Utility Vehicle ...

The utility vehicle no longer has its place in town. Bulky, polluting and extremely costly to park with wasted time in traffic jams, it is no longer suitable for today's city. Weighing more than twice its useful weight, it constitutes a paradox for urban mobility professionals and urban logisticians.

The last kilometre accounts for 20% of the total cost of the freight transport. Optimize it →

... for more efficientbicycle-logistics solutions

Cargo bikes, tri-carriers / twin-carriers, conventional and motorized trailers are solutions increasingly adopted by major players in urban logistics. More economical in purchase and especially in use, cyclo-logistics is emerging as the undisputed successors of the LCV.

The only instrument to efficiently transport
up to 1.3m3 / 250kg downtown


Limited power, Limited speed
Goes everywhere | Parks everywhere

Capacity: ≤ 1m3 | <100kg

Expenses: Maintenance

You are a player in logistics that does not require intensive transport of loads exceeding 1m3 / 50kg per round: cargo bike solutions are made for you.


Speed 25 km h, all slopes
Goes everywhere | Parks everywhere

Capacity: 1.3m3 | 250kg

Expenses: Low maintenance

You are a professional wishing to transport more than 1m3 / 100 kg of loads downtown in an intensive, economical, and secure way: K-Ryole is the only solution on the market that meets your needs.


Limited speed: 16km/h* average downtown
Difficult parking

Capacity: ≥ 1.3m3 | > 250kg

Expenses: Maintenance | Parking Permit | Fuel

Your logistics tools for transporting large volumes on journeys exceeding 70 km per day and not requiring to travel downtown

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K-Ryole trailersThe only professional solution

With 3,000W of electric power and Kaptor® effort cancellation technology, the K-Ryole trailer lets you effortlessly transport 250kg with any bike, through any urban space. Its on-board intelligence allows it to exceed the legal standard of 250 W maximum power by 12 times.

1.3m3 of carriage

Up to 11 cargo boxes

250 kg load

No feeling of weight, no effort to move it

70 km range

Make your daily rounds, without stopping

Intuitive / license-free

Agile and manoeuvrable to sneak around everywhere, even on foot

3,000 W engines!

Handle all the slopes. Speed of 25km/h

86cm: goes everywhere

Bus lane, cycle lane, short turning radius

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