La Plateforme du Bâtiment

« Thanks to the bike-logistic advantage, like the speed of delivery, La plateforme du Batiment hold its promess to deliver its clients in less than two hours. The electric trailer is way cheaper than a normal light commercial vehicle (high cost in fuel, parking and a negative impact on the environment). »

@La Plateforme Du Bâtiment, PDB.


La Plateforme Du Bâtiment is a group of building material stores for professionals. This brand is a reference for construction site companies.


Each order is assigned to the store closest to the delivery place. In town, La Plateforme Du Bâtiment ensures a delivery within two hours.


Previously, La Plateforme Du Bâtiment relied only on trucks to carry out its urban logistics. No other transport tool was able to deliver heavy and imposing loads.


By replacing part of its fleet of trucks by 6 K-Ryole, La Plateforme du Bâtiment has made its logistics responsible without forgetting its needs: