« Thanks and well done to @K_Ryole for those lovely electric trailer ! Super usefull for our parisian patrollers « using them for repositioning poorly parked scooters, quality control and remove marked scooters. »




The electric scooter rental sector is facing two issues : vandalism and a too high maintenance cost.


Dott was willing to make its logistics responsible while dividing its costs. Dott hired 5 bikes messenger to dispatch its scooters everywhere in Paris. Trailers are roaming the city 8 hours a day with an average of 40 kilometers.


Our innovation team designed a special product for their use : carry 5 scooters of 22kg each with :


In 2020, Dott change their way of using our electric trailers. For instance, they use them for an important logistic activity : the transport of batteries. The maintenance of scooters is very frequent and batteries are heavy and bulky to move to the workshops. Dott is using a specific K-Ryole for their transport while still using the powerfull wheel base from 2019 !