Intermarché, Lyon, K-Ryole Cold Utility model

Last mile logistic is a major challenge for many operators in a city. Retailers are aware of it and it’s nowadays very difficult to offer a home delivery service that is affordable for the customer and profitable for the store.


Spotted by the innovation department of Intermarché, our K-Ryole offered a high potential of rentability. At this time, K-Ryole had only one type of trailer designed for La Poste. K-Ryole then, thanks to its internal design office, developed – to meet Intermarché’s specifications – a special model for mass distribution. The K-Ryole Cold Utility model is sized for the stackable bins used in the sector and allows the respect of the cold chain thanks to its on-board fridge.


Tests began with the Intermarché Express de Villeurbanne. Since November 2017, the K-Ryole has been used by the store and has enabled it to multiply its deliveries by 5 thanks to its good carrying capacity and its communication potential.