Spie Batignolles

«It is very important for us to support great initiatives like yours! You help us to progress in areas such as hard work and the fact that you initiate the desire to innovate in our structures. »

Frédéric GAURATTechnical Director, SPIE Batignolles Île de France.


Spie Batignolles, Kross Chantier

It was during a trade show that the members of the Spie Batignolles team discovered the La K-Ryole Chantier electric forklift truck. Tested on their construction sites, the horizontal handling tool has changed the working conditions of their journeymen.

k-ryole chariot chantier spie batignolles


The Spie Batignolles worksite consists of an underground parking lot as well as above-ground offices. It is located in the heart of Paris.



The challenges of the electric cart were multiple:


Several test phases have been set up:

Phase 1 – Basement parking

Phase 2 – Upper floors

Phase 3 – Basement parking


After 3 months of use of the Kross Chantier :



“We make 3 trips instead of 10! And above all, everything I carry in the electric cart is not on my back!” – Companion Spie Batignolles Building site 11th district.


Today, Spie Batignolles has expanded the use of Kross Chantier at the national level. The electric cart is now at the service of a construction site in Lille.