« Making green delivery means living with our time. Our trucks drivers are facing huge difficulties with the new urban regulations. That’s why we went on an adventure with K-Ryole! I believe in it for meeting the needs of our customers, but also in reducing our environmental inpact, a key value at METRO. »

Elie HABIB – sector manager, METRO Paris Bercy.


Since February 2019, the food and equipment saler for professionals Metro makes delivery with our electric trailer. Elie Habib, sector manager at Metro Bercy is sharing us about his story.

For which use does K-Ryole meet your needs?

At Metro, the customer average basket is around 500€. Professionals often comes by scooters, do their shopping and take advantage of our delivery service. Before, our delivery fleet consisted only of trucks. Since two years, we are combining this logistic with K-Ryole. As soon as the orders do not exceed 250 kg of load and do not require a cold chain, we deliver it with a bike and the electric trailer. Going green is a fact of the day. With the new urban regulations, our truck drivers are living through hell. That’s why we’ve embarked on the K-Ryole adventure.


What are the problems encountered by truck drivers?

Here is a typical example: a truck in the 4th arrondissement will never have room to park. The K-Ryole is then the best way to deliver in these dynamic areas, such as the 4th, 11th or 12th arrondissement of Paris.


Why did you choose the utility model?

The utility model allows us to keep the load confidential. This is a request from our customers, such as restaurants owners. Its main advantage is the “visible” side, we’ve designed a flocking on the electric trailers to highlight our service. Between the support in itself and the image that this soft transport reflects, it’s a huge communication to deliver by bike.





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