« Our network of agencies has the capacity to offer, throughout France, the rental of this unique truck to prevent risks and increase the profitability of construction sites. Our exclusive partnership with K-Ryole also allows us to offer new solutions that meet the challenges of zero carbon mobility »

Valérie Marchand – Sales and Marketing Director, Kiloutou.



On construction sites, there is a wide range of equipment available to carry out the different phases of the work efficiently and quickly. Nevertheless, there are still tasks for which human activity is the only possible force, such as the transport of tools and materials, generally carried out at arm's length or with the help of a wheelbarrow, in areas or on terrain that are difficult to access.

The consequences are well known: on the one hand, the arduousness of the work can lead to the appearance of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD); on the other hand, the loss of time and productivity on the building sites.

Aware of the importance of these issues and the expectations of professionals in terms of risk prevention in their workplaces, Kiloutou has signed a partnership with the company K-Ryole to offer, on an exclusive basis, the rental of the intuitive electric handling truck.

Launched in 2019, this new generation wheelbarrow, has been adapted by K-Ryole to the requirements desired by Kiloutou's Test Center. It can effortlessly transport up to 250 Kg of materials, tools, props, ladders, blocks, waste...

Suitable for all types of work sites, from construction to green spaces, including the industrial sector, this forklift can be used by anyone without any training or CACES. It is eligible for CARSAT and CRAMIF subsidies.


The handling truck offered exclusively by Kiloutou is composed of different elements:

An open modular bin with a large capacity (85 cm wide) that can be tilted vertically to transport long materials and high loads.
A tilting rear door allows for easy loading/unloading of the contents of the bin, especially bulk and rubble.
Two large diameter motocross wheels and a small reinforced center wheel make this an all-terrain machine.
Two main wheels, each equipped with a powerful 1,500 W motor, ensure a range of 70 km or 4 days of use on average.
A parking brake to guarantee safe parking.

Its innovation lies in a patented technology of effort cancellation. This technology uses an intelligent system integrated into its handling handle. This on-board intelligence measures the user’s efforts in real time. The information is continuously transmitted to the electric motors, which adapt their power according to the slope, the weight carried and the speed of the user. The traction efforts of the user are then cancelled. It is extremely easy to maneuver and totally intuitive. Just release the handle and it stops automatically.

Offered for rent, the handling truck allows to answer different major stakes expected by the professionals:

Reduction of the arduousness and the TMS.
The limitation of the risks of work accidents.
Rationalization of transport, saving time and improving productivity.