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How long does it take to attach it to a bicycle?

20 seconds, you just need to attach it to the seat tube with its butterfly clip.

Isn't it too heavy to drag behind a bike?

No! A K-Ryole has a motor in each wheel, which allows it to follow the bike effortlessly for the rider. And it does not push the bike either: its sensor allows it to know in real time the pace of the cyclist and to adapt by accelerating, braking, turning with the bike.

Can the K-Ryole be attached to any bike? Do you need an electric bicycle?

You can use it with a standard bike, an electric bike, a Vélib … and even some cargo bikes.
The e-bike is not required to tow the trailer since the K-Ryole has its own motors and since it never pushes the bike, the e-bike can simply provide extra comfort for users who want it on long distances or in climbs.

Is the K-Ryole easy to handle?

Yes, it works equally well in forward and reverse. It turns, turns around and can take very tight turns thanks to a special attachment that we have designed at K-Ryole.

Is the load secure?

On all our closed models, yes! The doors lock automatically and unlock in 1 second using a badge. This same badge is also used to lock the wheels of the trailer.

What load can I manage?

A K-Ryole has a payload of 250 kg, and a volume up to 1,300 L depending on the model.

How do I speed up or slow down the K-Ryole?

The cyclist has nothing to do. It is the trailer’s sensor that will automatically detect whether the bike is accelerating, braking or turning, and send this information to the K-Ryole’s motors, which will adapt instantly.

What is the range of the trailer? How to recharge it?

About 70 km, or one day’s delivery. Charging takes 5 hours from a standard AC outlet.

Can I use the K-Ryole in heavy rain, snow, high or low temperatures?

No problem with inclement weather, the K-Ryole is waterproof. The trailer has been tested between -10°C and + 35°C. However, be careful as a bicycle can slip in snow or ice, even with a K-Ryole.

Can I take sidewalks, cycle paths, two-way cycle paths…? Do i have to wear a helmet? Can I park the K-Ryole on the sidewalk?

By hand you can take the sidewalks (up to 9cm high). By bike, you can go through all places authorized for bicycles only: cycle paths, two-way cycle routes, etc. Wearing a helmet and a yellow vest is not compulsory, but strongly recommended.

I only need one trailer, can you make a custom module for me?

For now, we are not creating individual custom model. We offer the 4 modules available on our products page However, we can develop specific models for customers when there is a significant volume requirement.

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